Local Blogger Featured in Heirloom Cookie Sheets Cookbook

Heirloom Cookie Sheets is excited to announce the Heirloom Cookie Collection. Far more than just a cookbook, the Cookie Collection features family recipes, freezer and storage suggestions, and tips, photos and quotes from food bloggers nationwide. Featured in the book is local blogger Daydreamer Desserts of Corona, California!

“No matter what the occasion, families and friends tend to gather in the kitchen! The Heirloom Cookie Sheet was built upon family and traditions, so today we gather people across the food industry nationwide to pair their stories with our recipes,” says Jeannie Lauret, owner of Heirloom Cookie Sheets. “Each of our ‘Partners in the Kitchen’ baked and photographed one of my mother’s recipes, putting their own unique twist on it. The Cookie Collection contains more than 90 pages of incredible recipes, food personalities, and timeless tips to keep family traditions alive,” continues Jeannie.

The Cookie Collection conforms to Heirloom’s high standards of quality as well. Printed locally on Forrest Stewardship Council-certified paper that is manufactured with electricity in the form of renewable energy, it’s environmentally friendly. The book is also a self-standing, spiral bound design, making it easy and convenient to use while baking.

The Heirloom Cookie Collection is now available for order at $19.95. A gift package is also available, including 2 Heirloom Cookie Sheets and the Heirloom Cookie Collection for only $69.95. For more information or to order the cookbook for family and friends this holiday season, visit www.heirloomcookiesheets.com/store or call 262-781-6035.


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