Hundreds Enjoy Sun and Snow at the Park

A frosty good time seemed to be had by all at the annual Snow Day sponsored by SAMLARC.

The young sledder, maybe 6 years old, reached the bottom of the incline and said three times, in rapid succession, "That was epic."

And that was on the relatively tame small incline of about two feet. But to a 6-year-old, epic is epic.

The tyke was one of hundreds who enjoyed Snow Day at Central Park on Saturday. The event was sponsored by SAMLARC, and included the aforementioned epic small incline, as well as a much larger—and presumably more epic—large incline.

Throwing snowballs was forbidden in what surely was a mismarked snowball throwing area as people were pelted and youngsters tried to assemble their own snowmen.

And of course, there was a snowman that kids had their pictures taken with.

And he was epic.


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