Catching up with South O.C.'s Latest TV Star

Tyler Foden, 20, just landed a regular part in a Fox sit-com.

Tyler Foden. Photo courtesy of Michelle Guerrero.
Tyler Foden. Photo courtesy of Michelle Guerrero.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Actor Tyler Foden, 20, of Laguna Niguel just landed a regular TV gig on a new sit-com starring longtime Law & Order SVU biggie Chris Meloni. The show is called Surviving Jack and it airs 9:30 p.m. Thursdays on Fox.

PATCH: Tell us about the show. What's the setup?

TYLER: It’s a coming of age story. Before growing up was something you could Google. Takes place in the early 90s, before technology. Jack (dad) is a surgeon with a military background. He cuts back his hours at the hospital so that his wife, Joann, can go back to law school. Frankie and Rachel (their kids) are trying to Survive Jack, the new parent in charge. 

PATCH: Where does the title "Surviving Jack" come from?

TYLER: Surviving Jack is based on Justin Halperin’s life. He wrote the books Sh*t My Dad Says and I Suck at Girls. Surviving Jack is based on the I Suck at Girls book. 

PATCH: What's your character like?

TYLER: I play Mikey. He’s a tough kid. He comes from a poor, broken home. He’s not a priority to his father. Mikey is one of Frankie’s two best friends. 

PATCH: Is this your first big role? 

TYLER: This is definitely the biggest role I’ve landed this far. Series regular on a national TV show?!?! It’s pretty awesome! haha

PATCH: What was landing it like?

TYLER: Every time I’ve landed a job, it’s been exciting. When I landed this one, It by FAR topped any news I’ve ever gotten. To know that I was going to be in every episode of a national TV show, with such an AMAZING cast was a total dream come true. 

PATCH: When did you figure out acting was for you?

TYLER: I’ve wanted to act for as long as I can remember. I always told myself that someday, I’d get there. I wasn’t a big sports fan as a kid. All I ever wanted to do was watch TV and movies. That’s what I enjoyed more than anything. At about age 9, I found an acting school all on my own. I asked my parents to take me to check it out. That’s where it all started, at The Performer’s Academy in Laguna Hills. 

PATCH: What's Chris Meloni like?

TYLER: Chris is great! At first it was intimidating going into work everyday and working with someone who had so much experience, but he's a lot of fun to work with. He helps keep you calm while the cameras are rolling. Unless it’s a scene where he gets upset with my character, those expressions are real fearful. haha


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