Sheriff's Blotter: Gunshots, Out-of-Control Parties

Plus: human barriers, a reclaimed stolen car and other recent reports from the Orange County Sheriff's Department blotter for Lake Forest.

11:04 a.m. Tuesday. A suspicious person was reported near the Serrano Road and Quiet Oak Drive intersection. The caller said a homeless man was seen wrapped up in a sleeping bag next to a shopping cart. The man appeared to be blocking a park pathway near Serrano Creek. 

8:11 a.m. Tuesday. A drunken man in a car was reported near the Bake Parkway and Trabuco Road intersection. The caller said a man who smelled of alcohol was seen stumbling around the parking lot of KFC. The man was last seen going toward Lake Forest Drive in a gray Mercedes-Benz. 

10:14 a.m. Monday. A suspicious person was reported in the 25100 block of Serrano Road. The caller said a man had been repeatedly sleeping in the children's play area at Serrano Creek Park. 

12:56 a.m. Monday. A caller reported hearing a firearm discharge in the 23200 block of Los Alisos Boulevard. The caller reportedly heard six to eight shots while stepping out on his patio to smoke a cigarette. The man said that the gunshots appeared to be very close because he was so startled and that he ducked down on the patio and later saw a man run by. 

5:39 p.m. Sunday. Deputies located a stolen Ford Explorer in the first block of Saddleback Parkway. According to the report, the vehicle was left near Saddleback Church. 

5:41 a.m. Sunday. A caller reported a disturbance in the 24100 block of Kathy Avenue. A loud and out-of-control party was occurring in the area. The caller said partygoers were being uncooperative. 

3:55 a.m. Sunday. A disturbance was reported in the 23300 block of Guinea Street. The caller was requesting assistance from deputies regarding his 23-year-old brother, who was reportedly intoxicated and throwing objects around the house. Dispatchers could hear the subjects yelling in the background. 

3:31 a.m. Sunday. A disturbance was reported in the 23500 block of Rockfield Boulevard. The report said that four men were seen in a heated physical argument and sped away in a gray vehicle. There was no report of an arrest. 

11:10 p.m. Saturday. A caller reported a disturbance in the 24000 block of Alderglen Drive. The report stated there was a loud and out-of-control party in the area. The caller was especially concerned because the last time the subject had a party someone was stabbed. 

2:22 p.m. Saturday. A disturbance was reported in the 22600 block of Lake Forest Drive. The informant said minors were playing in the street near Mimi’s Cafe. The report stated the juveniles were almost hit by the passing traffic. 

1:33 p.m. Saturday. A caller reported a drunken man down in the 24600 block of Raymond Way. The report stated that the man had passed out with a beer in his hands near the El Toro Library. 

Andromeda December 06, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Mark, I'm just reiterating a point. IMO cops are paid way too much. Cops should not be paid commensurate with licensed medical doctors with 10-15 years of higher education and $300,000 to $500,000 in student loan debt when they finally are officially declared to be medicial doctors. Sorry if you don't like my opinion. If I consider it the higher truth. Truth that many wish to attack or ignore.
Fred Jones December 07, 2012 at 02:59 PM
My concern is that this is so much firework activity in Andomeda's neighborhood. Firecrackers are illegal! You should contact the police. Oh right, I forgot ... Call Pinkerton instead. They will solve the problem! Secondly, I'm concerned about Andromeda's phone service. It would cost you $500 a month to call 911? Wow, that's expensive! I have an unlimited cell phone for a mere fraction of that cost. Or you should consider MagicJack at $19.95 a year for unlimted calls! Or possibly your math is once again skewed?
Andromeda December 07, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Freddy, do you always take everything so literally? As far as the cop's salaries go I've already provided the data that supported my math. There should be no question about it now. Math supported by raw data. So I don't know what else I can do to convince you, Freddy 'ol boy. Maybe you should call yourself 'Thomas the Doubter'.
Fred Jones December 07, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Andro O' pal, I am just worried about your safety and the firecracker marauders! I certain the OC Sherriffs will protect you despite your anti-police sentiments.
Andromeda December 07, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Oh, I can handle most problems on my own without calling the cops, Freddy. If something bad happens they just come out and take reports anyway. Nothing gets accomplished. So it's better not to call them and waste my time. I know that they have more important things to do like roust drunks and homeless people from the libary grounds. Oh, and I am not anti-police at all. So your assumption is wrong. If you knew me you would understand that. I am anti-paying cops like medical doctors and letting them retire at 50 or 55 with $4 million dollar pensions. But I know people like you would ignore that line of rational thought and paint me to be some kind of bad guy. That's pretty much how you folks operate. Enjoy your Friday, Freddy. Go have a donut.


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