Sports Tavern 'Friends' Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk

A tipsy motorcyclist is ready to drive away into the night but is stopped by those with clearer heads.

You know the saying: Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

That was the case Sunday morning at Friends Sports Tavern in Rancho Santa Margarita, where a man tried to drive away on his motorcycle after allegedly having a little too much to drink.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department received an emergency call at 1:12 a.m., notified that a man was being detained at the Dove Canyon Drive business. However, the tipsy man was uncooperative with those concerned about what might happen once he got on the road.

Although his drinking friends were unable to get his keys from him, they were able to prevent him from leaving on his motorcycle until sheriff deputies arrived a few minutes later.

According to DrivingLaws.org, a first offense for a DUI in California can result in 4-6 months in jail, $1,400-2,600 in fines, and/or 30 days to 10 months' license suspension.


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