Police Blotter: Exploding Water Bottles Cause a Ruckus

Also, a father wakes up early to find a few unwelcome visitors, and a thirsty man fills a canteen from an unlikely source.

As noisemakers go, chlorine is not the safest choice.

A man saw several water bottles floating in the gutter near his Rancho Santa Margarita home Saturday morning. He said the bottles, which were filled with chlorine, exploded as they floated by. Apparently, the mini-explosions from the chemical-laden bottles mimicked the noise of gunshots.

The informant thought they were coming from somewhere on his street.

The call came in around 9 a.m. on Saturday, from the 21700 block of Via de la Luz.

Father wakes up early, finds unwelcome guests

A Rancho Santa Margarita man woke up early Sunday morning to find three guys in his garage with his minor daughter. The man was able to make them go outside, but they refused to leave the residence. They then went inside the daughter's vehicle.

The man contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and deputies detained all of the men and arrested one of them, a 19-year-old, who was later released from the Theo Lacy Facility due to a court order.

The call came in around 9 a.m. on Saturday, from the 21700 block of Via de la Luz.

Plenty of water where that came from

An informant spotted a man pulling up to a fire hydrant in front of Plano Trabuco Self-Storage in his blue truck Tuesday afternoon. The man proceeded to open the fire hydrant and poured water from it into a can, according to the woman.

The woman said the man comes to that hydrant at least once a week to fill his truck with water.

The call came in around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, from the 30400 block of Esperanza.

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The following is a summary report of calls from Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto de Caza, Trabuco Canyon and Las Flores to the Orange County Sheriff's Department from September 22 to September 25.

Unknown Trouble 9:15 p.m. Tuesday, on Boxthorn. A man said a group of people came into his house. He claimed his dog bit one of them, and then he shot another three times with his Airsoft gun. Deputies arrived, advised him to set down the "weapon," and looked for the suspects, who had fled the scene.

Disturbance 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, 200 block of Pasto Rico. A caller said a man and a woman were fighting in a nearby apartment, and it sounded like the man had pinned the woman to the ground.

Disturbance 2:53 p.m. Tuesday, 30600 block of Santa Margarita Parkway. A woman said a group of kids were loitering in front of a store on their skateboards, throwing candy.

Disturbance 7:59 p.m. Monday, on Calle del Mar. A woman said her boyfriend bit her. She admitted to slapping him. Deputies arrived and arrested a 41-year-old man, who is being held on $50,000 bail at the Intake Release Center.

Disturbance 2:23 p.m. Monday, on Desert Thorn. A woman said her neighbor walked into her garage and punched her in the face.

Suspicious Person/Circumstances 2:14 p.m. Sunday, on Santa Margarita Parkway and Melinda Road. A caller saw two teens throwing wood and concrete from their Volkswagen Passat into a ravine.

Traffic Hazard 9:47 p.m. Saturday, on Altisima and Rancho Trabuco. A woman said her husband was attempting to clean a large amount of glass on Altisima, and she was worried that he would be hit by a car.

Citizen Assist 12:35 p.m. Saturday, on Wild Horse Loop. A woman said a 16-year-old boy took her daughter’s cell phone, and sent an inappropriate photo of a woman from the phone.

Suspicious Person in Vehicle 3:14 p.m. Saturday, 22900 block of Via de la Luz. A caller said two people were smoking marijuana in a vehicle on their lunch break. The caller said they did this every day.

Suspicious Person/Circumstances 1:06 a.m. Saturday, 29700 block of Melinda Road. An informant said someone was banging on his door and then ran away.

You can read about more incidents on the Orange County Sheriff's Department blotter.

These reports are culled from the Orange County Sheriff's website. Not all facts in each report are made public; the outcome of the report may differ from the original blotter item. There should be no assumption of guilt based on this limited information.


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