Update: Suspect Emerges From House After Hiding Out

Orange County Sheriff Department calls it a 'safe conclusion' after almost two hours of search and negotiation in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department finally got its man after a two-hour search on Montana del Lago in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The event began when a probationer cut off his ankle bracelet, which generated a direct contact at the man's home by his probation officers. OCSD deputies assisted. The man fled and hid from authorities in an attic while deputies searched the residence; a helicopter circled overhead in case the suspect tried to flee.

Lt. Steve Gil said there was no pursuit involved, just the process of elimination as deputies cleared the residence room by room. Finally, all that was left was the attic.

"We talked to him from inside the home and after significant direction he decided to come out on his own," Gil said. "It came to a very safe conclusion, we arrested the guy and he's on his way to jail."

Gil said the public wasn't in any danger. "We don't see any threat to the public or any reason to be concerned," he said in the midst of the search.


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