Council Race: Glenn Acosta's Candidate Statement

The candidate statement for Glenn Acosta, who is vying with Larry McCook and Brad McGirr for Rancho Santa Margarita's one available two-year seat on city council in the November general election.

Below is the candidate statement for Glenn Acosta, one of three residents vying for the two-year seat on the Rancho Santa Margarita City Council in the November general election.

The statement is unedited (bullet points were added to denote indented material), and can be challenged for matters of fact through Aug. 25.

Here are links to all candidates for RSM City Council:

Glenn Acosta


Friends and Neighbors,

I’ve been involved in our community the last nine years, doing my part to make Rancho Santa Margarita a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I would like to continue making a difference as your city councilman.

I grew up in low-income housing in New York City. With hard work and determination I earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering and now live with my beautiful family in Rancho Santa Margarita. I’ve been fortunate enough to have achieved a small part of the American dream. I love our country and the opportunities it affords everyone. I will help preserve those opportunities for Rancho Santa Margarita kids so they can achieve their own American dream:

  • City Scholarships – By starting a college scholarship fund with my city council salary and contributions from my philanthropic and corporate contacts, we can help RSM kids become tomorrow’s leaders.

I will also help our city with the most complicated challenge in its history – managing a major land development near Tijeras Creek –and make it successful:

  • Building New Sports Fields – By successfully developing the city's new property (Chiquita Ridge) as a sustainable tax base, we can finance new sports facilities.
  • Creating New Business Opportunities – By setting aside land for equestrian and biking activities, we can create opportunities for business startups in these sports and help make RSM an outdoor destination.
  • Providing Financial Incentives to New Businesses – By having the city, as owner of Chiquita Ridge, freeze lease prices for the first few years we can help new business tenants gain their financial footing.

As a fiscal conservative, I believe government should be small, transparent, and responsive to the people it serves. In my executive role as Director, I’ve kept each of my public agencies financially strong while providing quality, cost-effective service to ratepayers. I’ve served our community as:

  • Director, Trabuco Canyon Water District
  • Director, Dove Canyon Master Association
  • Chairman, Waste Management Commission of OC
  • Director, South Orange County Wastewater Authority
  • Director, Joint Powers Insurance Authority

I’ve been general manager of a $10 million company, sales manager at a Fortune 500 corporation, served on the board of directors of several public agencies, and have been involved in over $1 billion of infrastructure projects. I will use this experience to make RSM great.

Thank you for your consideration. I would be honored by your vote.

Glenn Acosta


J.P. August 23, 2012 at 06:35 PM
I've said it before and I'll say it again, all this recent talk by candidates about city council compensation is nothing but old-fashioned pandering for votes. Mr. Acosta seems like a nice enough fellow. If he wants to donate some or all of the money he gets paid for serving the residents – that’s admirable and very nice…but why should anybody really care about that? To me, that’s his personal business. I’m sure most elected officials make donations to various charitable causes, but I certainly don’t choose who I’m going to vote for based upon that (and I also don't see them standing up on a soapbox telling anyone who will listen how generous they are...because that looks silly).
J.P. (J)uris(P)rudence Beeeeeeeeeel August 23, 2012 at 09:53 PM
I'm here to post nasty comments on every candidate except my sweet darling McGuirr. I love him sooooooooooooo very much. I just turn into mush when I think about my McGuirr. My jurisprudence tells who I should vote for. Aaaaaaaaah. - JP
Martin Henderson August 24, 2012 at 08:25 AM
You may want to spell your boy's name right: McGirr. Be sure to keep it classy and smart.


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