Lake Elsinore Man's Discrimination Case Settled

Hung Trinh’s lawsuit alleged that he and others were harassed for speaking Vietnamese, even on off-duty hours, such as lunch breaks and company parties.

The lawsuit a former lab assistant brought against Quest Diagnostics for not allowing him to speak Vietnamese – even on his own time – appears to have settled last week.

OC Weekly is reporting the racially-charged discrimination case Lake Elsinore resident Hung Trinh filed in April settled quietly Friday. Lawyers for Trinh and Quest could not be reached for comment.

Quest Diagnostics, a provider of medical diagnostic testing services, is located off Ortega Highway, on the Orange County side of the state route.

Trinh’s lawsuit alleged that he and others were harassed for speaking Vietnamese, even on off-duty hours, such as lunch breaks and company parties.

In legal papers Quest filed in May in response, company officials issued a denial and offered many possible legal defenses without going into detail.

In his lawsuit, Trinh complained that one supervisor in particular, Estela Comba, “had a problem with Vietnamese employees, and specifically with him.”

Comba “would prohibit him and the other six Vietnamese employees to speak Vietnamese even when they were not on company’s time. Ms. Comba even prohibited them from speaking their language at potluck parties,” his lawsuit states.

Trinh did report the issue to the company's human resources department, but according to his lawsuit, nothing came of it – except more hostility form Comba.

After Trinh returned from a vacation in September 2011, Comba reassigned him to the first shift, even though he had a doctor’s note saying he needed to be on the second shift. Trinh had previously injured his back while on duty.

When Trinh continued to work the second shift, he was marked absent from the first shift and was fired Nov. 1, 2011 because of it, according to the lawsuit.

He had never had attendance problems since starting with Quest in 2007, according to his lawsuit.

Besides the racial component of his complaints and its resulting retaliation, Trinh’s lawsuit also alleged the company failed to accommodate his injuries and wrongfully terminated him.

He did not ask for a specific amount of damages, though he was seeking both money to compensate his actual losses and additional money to punish the company for its failings, according to the lawsuit.

WorkingMom November 28, 2012 at 04:36 AM
I think this is a one sided story, another "this company is racist so lets sue them, it is the American dream." Unless of course you are an American. Do you really think this is the whole story? Quest doesn't have to talk because it probably isn't worth it. Big companies would rather not have their name drug in the mud over something like this. Any company owner has the right to run their company any language they want, and they do. Been to a nail salon or a mom and pop Mexican joint? They no speak English for you. Honker have you researched the "No law" thing or "Official language" claim? Just curious because you seem pretty stuck on this No English required thing. (sorry but you hit a nerve in your response to me. you apparently can't read English or something.)
REAL Native American November 29, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Are you in ENGLAND? English for England. Your ancestors from europe didnt learn our native langauges. That being said im aware that we are in modern nation state. The United States does not have an official language this is a free country. Your free to speak what you want, and people have the right not to speak to you if they dont choose to.
REAL Native American November 29, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Hey workingmom maybe you should go to England and you can speak English all day long. I dont see you learning any Native Languages, come over to our tribal area and ill teach you a couple of words
Anthony November 29, 2012 at 07:22 AM
European's founded our country along with the native Americans and now these piece of shit foreigners, I.E. Mexicans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Armenian, what have you come here and some how rationalize that they can still live like the do in the countries of there origin and because our government is ignorant this situation will stay ignorant! These people have ruined it for the rest of us (English Speaking) "real Americans" And our Government is complicit in this. This whole thing is idiotic yet "real Americans continue to suffer. Will actions against these atrocities ever be taken!?
Joe Smith December 02, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Lol, all these piece of shit idiots have nothing better to do than whine about people not speaking English. Self-important imbeciles who think they have any value to society. Funny, society wouldn't miss any of you self-aggrandizing losers one bit.


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