Lake Forest Could Reverse Sex-Offender Law

The City Council will consider repealing its year-old parks law, which officials say could cost hundreds of thousands to defend and doesn't have much effect on public safety.

Lake Forest is reconsidering its ban on registered sex offenders in city parks.

The City Council will take up the matter tonight, when it gets a staff report saying the ban, which took effect in January, has done little to improve park safety.

Lake Forest was sued over the law in September on grounds that it violates free speech and assembly rights. The city attorney figures it will cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the suit.

The report under consideration by the City Council says the county has done a good job of tracking and monitoring the few sex offenders who live in Lake Forest -- and that the city's law could be found to conflict with state law.

Lake Forest's law is modeled after one passed by Orange County but is stricter. Whereas the county ban allows sex offenders to enter county parks if they have written permission from the Sheriff's Department, Lake Forest allows no exceptions. 

The council meets tonight at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

Andromeda December 05, 2012 at 06:39 AM
Wow! What a clown circus that Council meeting was tonight. Rudolph got into it with DA Rackaukas and basically told him to pound sand. heh. All of them are running scared of the lawsuits filed by the sex offenders now. The Council idiots should have thought of that a year ago when they approved the park ban. I assume the City Attorney must have graduated in the lower half of his law school class. DA Rackaukas convinced them to swallow the bait a year ago and now they're in doo-doo up to their necks and fighting with the guy who conned them in the first place!!! HAH! I can't make this stuff up, folks. Go watch the video for yourselves! It's a hoot. Much more entertainment value than American Idol. I promise!!! I was in tears! :^)
Honest Truth December 05, 2012 at 06:54 AM
For sure (it was actually Mayor Kathryn McCullough who got into it with the DA). I was embarrassed by Mayor McCullough's behavior!
Andromeda December 05, 2012 at 07:07 AM
Thanks for the correction. I get those 2 mixed up all the time. I think McCullough did a fantastic job standing up to Rackaukas tonight. Good for her. But it was about a year too late. Her question whether Rackaukas would indemnify the city for any City taxpayer money used to fight the lawsuits was a very appropriate question. Lake Forest already spend upwards of a million dollars to defend Rackaukas' pet project to rid medical marijuana dispensaries from Orange County cities. Now does he want us to spend another million on his park ban nonsense? I guess he thinks money grows on trees in South County. As long as he doesn't have to foot the bill for us it's fine. But he acts insulted when McCullough asked him to reimburse the City for costs needed to defend his pet project #2? What a reasonable guy, eh???? Go take a hike, Tony!
Frank Mockery December 05, 2012 at 08:04 PM
If Lake Forest had received competent legal advise they wouldn't have squandered a million dollars in their illegal effort to shutter legal medical marijuana dispensaries ! It's time to fire the City Attorney,charge every member of the City Council with criminal malfeasance in office & see how much of the taxpayer's million dollars can be recouped from the cities bonding company & these inept politicians personally ! At least sex offenders don't brag & pat themselves on the back for defying state law at the taxpayers expense ! To say Lake Forest's elected leaders are absolutely worthless is certainly an understatement as once again they've been exposed as the callous & clueless political posers that they obviously are ! Remember that cannabis patients are the "good guys" who are in compliance with state law & the council members are the "bad guys" who refuse to abide by state law or the Appellate Court decisions which have refuted their specious legal reasoning ! These self-righteous simpletons know no shame & even less about the law & medical marijuana ! When the medical marijuana dispensaries return to Lake Forest (and make no mistake,they'll be returning shortly) the torch bearing taxpayer's will form a large mob at City Hall & drive these smug & pious cretins out of town (although my personal preference would be a public lynching) ! Lastly let's not overlook their supporters on the Chamber of Commerce who bankroll their campaigns & have always been their co-conspirators !
Frank Mockery December 06, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Sex offenders are sick,twisted & morally bankrupt individuals with no redeeming value whatsoever,so welcome back to the park & please behave yourselves !!! "Thank Heaven for little girls" - Maurice Chevalier


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