WATCH: Dancing Dolphin Hams it Up in Dana Point

Whales are usually the showstoppers, but not on Saturday in Dana Point. Check out this YouTube video of one dolphin having a good time.

Locals aren't the only ones tired of the heat.

Yes, the blues whales are still frolicking in Dana Point, but don't forget about dolphins.

Check out this critter, who was a jumping, dancing fool for the camera on Saturday in Dana Point.

"We never see them act like this, it's a bottlenose dolphin like the ones at Sea World so maybe he wants a job," joked Donna Kalez, general manager at Dana Wharf Sportishing and Whale Watching.

The video was taken by Capt. Frank Brennan on a whale-watching vessel out of Dana Wharf Whale Watching, Kalez said.

According to NationalGeographic.com, these dolphins are sleek swimmers and can reach speeds of more than 18 mph. They surface to breathe two or three times a minute. 


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