Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan Photography - from the pages of People to the halls and walls of museums and homes, Mark Jordan Photography's remarkable portraits have expressed the lives and lifestyles of American families over 30 years. Orange County Photographer, Mark Jordan, is a Master Photographer, a Master Craftsman, a member of American Society of Photographers and is internationally acclaimed for his photographic excellence. He is one of a handful of artists, worldwide, who have been inducted as a permanent exhibitor into the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum. In addition to being named Orange County’s Photographer of the Year, Mark Jordan Photography is an eleven-time recipient of the prestigious International Loan Collection Award and has been recognized by such prominent organizations as KODAK, WINONA International, EPCOT Center, FUJI Corporation, Professional Photographers of America, Germany and Norway, and has been honored with awards too numerous to mention. More importantly, every single honor and award Mark Jordan Photography has earned has come directly from family portrait photography - that is to say, Mark Jodan owes his success to his clients - Mark Jordan Photography began with simple family portrait inquiries and continues today because of those who honor him with their trust. 
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Mark Jordan commented on article "An Open Letter To Phil Michelson" in John Webb's Conservative Blog July 20, 2014 at 03:43 pm